“Every so often someone asks me: What’s your favorite country, other than your own?
I’ve always had the same answer: Taiwan. 
Taiwan? Why Taiwan? People ask.
Very simple: Because Taiwan is a barren rock in a typhoon-laden sea with no natural resources to live off, yet it has the fourth-largest financial reserves in the world. Because rather than digging in the ground and mining whatever comes up, Taiwan has mined its 23 million people, their talent, energy and intelligence.”
-- Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, explained why Taiwan is his favorite in New York Times on March 10, 2012.


  • Ranked the safest country in the world behind only Japan, according to FBI statistics, Taiwan is one of the most stable societies to be in. Taiwan is also impressively voted to be the number one friendliest country that has the nicest people by World Countries Award.  


  • Because of its unique historical and geographical backgrounds, Taiwan boasts a dynamic blend of East vs. West and modern vs. indigenous cultures that is the most vibrant in Asia. And as CNN and Los Angeles Times report, Taiwan actually hosts the largest and the greatest Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world. 

  • Despite the discrepancy between resources available for urban and poor schools, education system in Taiwan is generally well established. So when Project LET’S Go! works with the small schools, the positive and supportive attitudes from the locals make beneficial outcomes attainable.  

Project LET’S Go! has plans to expand our prospective programs to additional countries, such as China, Indonesia, and Ethiopia in the near future. But Taiwan always remains its priority spot in our heart.  




Collaboration is key to offering the best possible opportunities to students. In this, Project LET'S Go! and Teach Rwanda have been collaborating on ways to increase teacher effectiveness, viability, and consistency since 2012. Our board member, Robin Rhodes-Crowell, who heads up Teach Rwanda, has worked with Wannie Wang to promote and strengthen these programs and make opportunities accessible to all interested teachers.  Within Project LET'S Go!, collaborating with honest community agencies within a region is paramount. Such collaboration offers unparalleled opportunities for teaching and travel with an emphasis on social justice and community development.