Program In Action

Teaching is a powerful endeavor. Project LET’S Go! student teachers gain invaluable knowledge and skills through planning, crafting, and delivering thematic lessons that are unique and fun.

The friendship lasts long and beyond the program. Project LET’S Go! keeps the commitment to long-term involvement and returning every year.  

The children and their student teachers are engaged in each other’s learning outside of the camp time. Thanks to simple and free technology such as Skype Classroom, Google Hangouts, and social media, our works at Project LET’S Go! are sustainable. 

New fellowship opportunity: In an attempt to expand our summer programs' high-impact offerings to all of our children and their schools and communities, we are thrilled to announce the new partnership with A-LUXE. A top wedding ring brand, A-LUXE is working with us to create a long-term Diamond Fellowship program, sponsoring two foreign and two local teachers to become the teaching fellows in residence. These fellows will extend the summer curriculum of Project LET'S Go's! and make meaningful and creative learning part of our children's everyday life!


About the programs

Summer Program

We hold English camps in several rural schoolsaround Taiwan every summer. Duringour special "summer camps," our volunteer teachers design their own curriculum thatpromotes art, music, science and critical thinking and English language immersion for elementary and middle school students.Also, we take part in some communities activities in our selected teaching areas and spend time exchanging cultures and ideas with the local students and people.


Diamond Fellowship

The PLG-Diamond Fellowship is a paid professional development and volunteer possible thanks to the generosity of several local partners. The Diamond Fellowship program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an in-residence teacher in Taiwan for one semester or an entire academic year. Teachers will be hosted by a local Taiwanese school and community. They are responsible for creating authentic English curriculum for use in the classroom that is  creative and engaging. 

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