Our Story

It all started with a suitcase of picture books. 

In the summer of 2010, Dr. Wannie Wang’s Intro to Education class sent a suitcase full of children’s books overseas to Xiaolin Elementary School, located in rural mountains in Taiwan. The class heard that a year had passed since Typhon Morakot destroyed the school and its small village, and the children still were struggling. The deadliest tropical storm to impact Taiwan in recorded history wiped out their homes and took the lives of many of their families and friends, including the school’s English teacher. The class decided, with the storybooks and some technology, that we would teach the children English. 


Among the total of 78 children, 32 at Xiaoling Elementary School survived the typhoon and participated in the weekly Skype lessons. That July, four students representing the class arrived in Xiaolin, and designed a summer camp for the children. This experience was, in the students’ own words, life changing. We were featured in the news, on TV, and were invited to present at international conferences. But there was yet a name for the Skype lessons and the camp, the children and their student teachers simply called it, “the Project.”



Participating in the project has become such a part of my life. It has inspired me to pursue a career in education. The project has been so influential on me because not only did I teach the kids, but they taught me. I learned more about myself each year at the camp than I could have ever imagined.
— Julia Gualtieri, four-time participant since 2011
It was a total surprise to me that I realized I could teach! The project and the kids made me a stronger and better person for sure.
— Jonny PL, participant in 2013 and 2014
My best friend Jamie told me about the project and I am so glad I went! The kids and the community treated me like family. Because the program inspired me, I am going for the sister program in Rwanda and I am getting my teaching credential.
— Christina Rikki, participant in 2012
I want to thank Project LET’S Go! for making my trip to Taiwan the highlight of my 2017 year and for helping me shape myself as a person. Everyone here is so kind, generous and hospitable. This is such a close community and I look forward to learning more about!
— Jacy Gedeon, participants in 2017